The music project GOJA was created by two young italian producers in the summer of 2015. After few moths the duo draw the attention of the dutch dj Dyro, Hardwell’s protege, who just started his own label WOLV. Dyro decided to release the first GOJA’s track “Gradient” which was played at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland and EDC, positioning itself in the top10 of Beatport. After “Gradient” the duo released other 6 track on WOLV, the most important of which, “Alive” is a collaboration with Dyro himself. The track has been played by many different artists such as Valentino Khan, Jauz, Dillon Francis and Diplo. The sound of GOJA, characterised by Dubstep and Trap sonority, is continuously developing. The key characteristics are the precision and cleanliness of the sounds which are completely designed by scratch. This unique skill allows them to create immersive environments that surround the listener. GOJA is drawing the attention of the most important labels and blogs of the scene it has been nominated by Youredm.com one of the most promising upcoming music artists.





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